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FY 2020 Strategic Plans

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The Strategic Plans are due to our office by July 1 of each year. This publication contains a vision or mission statement, goals for the major divisions within the agency, objectives, performance measures, benchmarks, and any external factors that are beyond the control of the agency that affect the achievement of goals. Strategic Plans shall cover a minimum of four years forward and shall be updated annually.

Strategic Plans are published here on August 1 of each fiscal year.


Health and Human Services

Public Safety

Natural Resources

Economic Development

General Government

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The following Agencies are exempt from submitting an annual Strategic Plan:

  • Attorney General (General Goverment)
  • Capital Budget (General Goverment)
  • Education Services for the Deaf and Blind (Education)
  • Examiners, Board of (Economic Development; Self-Governing Agencies)
  • Governor, Office of the (General Goverment)
  • Idaho House of Representatives (General Goverment; Legislative Branch)
  • Idaho Senate (General Goverment; Legislative Branch)
  • Judicial Branch (Public Safety)
  • Legislative Council (General Government; Legislative Branch)
  • Lieutenant Governor (General Government)
  • Secretary of State (General Government)
  • State Controller (General Goverment)
  • State Treasurer (General Government)