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FY 2017 Executive Budget

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The Executive Budget is a summary of the Governor's budget recommendation for the upcoming fiscal year.

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Section A - Budget Summary

Budget Highlights

    General Fund Revenue and Expenditure History
    General Fund Revenue History and Forecast
    Composition of General Fund Revenue by Fund Source

    Department General Fund Original Appropriations
    Department Total Fund Original Appropriations
    FY 2016/2017 General Fund Ongoing and One-time Recommendation
    Original Appropriations by State Goal
    Distribution of General Fund Expenditures
    FY 2015 General Fund Summary
    FY 2016 General Fund Summary
    FY 2016 General Fund Appropriation and Expenditure
    FY 2016 Supplemental Recommendations

FY 2017 Governor's Recommendation
    FY 2017 General Fund Summary
    Department Components of FY 2017 General Fund Recommendation
    Department FY 2017 Line Item Comparison
    Department General Fund Request - Recommendation Comparison
    Department Total Fund Request – Recommendation Comparison
    FY 2017 General Fund Recommendation
    FY 2017 Total Fund Recommendation
    Statutory Diversions to Other Funds or Local Government

Department Full Time Positions
General Fund Expenditure Limitation
Budget Stabilization Fund
FY 2016 Capital Budget: Permanent Building Fund
Reserve Fund Balances
Millennium Fund

Section B - Agency Expenditures Summary

Section C - Appendices

Agency Summaries by Fund
Decision Unit Summary by Fund
Agency FTP Summary
Endowment Fund
Highway Users Revenue