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FY 2020 Executive Budget

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The Executive Budget is a summary of the Governor's budget recommendation for the upcoming fiscal year.

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Section A - Budget Summary

  • Budget Highlights

  • Revenue
    • General Fund Revenue and Expenditure History
    • General Fund Revenue History and Forecast
    • Composition of General Fund Revenue by Fund Source

  • History
    • FY 2019/2020 General Fund Ongoing and One-time Recommendation
    • General Fund Original Appropriations by State Goal
    • FY 2018 General Fund Budget Summary
    • FY 2019 General Fund Budget Summary
    • General Fund Appropriation and Expenditure
    • FY 2019 Supplemental Recommendations

  • FY 2020 Governor's Recommendation
    • FY 2020 General Fund Budget Summary
    • Department FY 2020 Line Item Comparison
    • Department Components of FY 2020 General Fund Recommendation
    • Department General Fund Request - Recommendation Comparison
    • Department Total Fund Request – Recommendation Comparison
    • Statutory Diversions to Other Funds or Local Government

Section B - Agency Expenditures Summary

Section C - Appendices