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Permanent Position Report
December 31, 2018

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Stars Agency
422Accountancy, Board of
200Administration, Department of
187Aging, Commission on
210Agriculture, Department of
196Arts, Idaho Commission on the
160Attorney General, Office of the
189Blind and Visually Impaired, Commission on
512Boise State University
331Brand Inspector
450Building Safety, Division of
503Career and Technical Education
133Code Commission, Idaho
220Commerce, Department of
230Correction, Department of
231Correctional Industries
423Dentistry, Board of
198Drug Police, Office of
322Endowment Fund Investment Board
199Energy and Mineral Resources, Office of
424Engineers and Land Surveyors, Professional Board of
245Environmental Quality, Department of
250Finance, Department of
180Financial Management, Division of
260Fish and Game, Department of
181Governor, Office of the
270Health and Welfare, Department of
441Hispanic Affairs, Idaho Commission on
522Historical Society, Idaho State
194Human Resources, Division of
513Idaho State University
300Industrial Commission
177Information Technology Services, Office of
280Insurance, Department of
110Judicial Branch
285Juvenile Corrections, Department of
240Labor, Department of
320Lands, Department of
341Lava Hot Springs Foundation
102Legislative Services Office
511Lewis Clark State College
521Libraries, Idaho Commission for
120Lieutenant Governor, Office of the
185Liquor Division
440Lottery Commission, Idaho State
425Medicine, Board of
190Military Division
426Nursing, Board of
427Occupational Licenses, Idaho Bureau of
434Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board
232Pardons and Paroles, Commission of
340Parks and Recreation, Department of
104Performance Evaluations, Office of
421Pharmacy, Board of
437Public Defense Commission
183Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI)
951Public Health District 1 (Panhandle)
952Public Health District 2 (North Central)
953Public Health District 3 (Southwest)
954Public Health District 4 (Central)
955Public Health District 5 (South Central)
956Public Health District 6 (Southeastern)
957Public Health District 7 (Eastern)
520Public Television, Idaho
900Public Utilities Commission
332Racing Commission
429Real Estate Commission
130Secretary of State, Office of the
215Soil and Water Conservation Commission
195Species Conservation, Office of
443State Appellate Public Defender's Office
501State Board of Education
140State Controller, Office of the
905State Independent Living Council
186State Insurance Fund
330State Police, Idaho
150State Treasurer, Office of the
179STEM Action Center
170Superintendent of Public Instruction
351Tax Appeals, Board of
352Tax Commission, Idaho State
290Transportation, Department of
514University of Idaho
444Veterans Services, Division of
435Veterinary Medicine, Board of
523Vocation Rehabilitation
360Water Resources, Department of
192Women's Commission
178Workforce Development Council
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