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Executive Agency Legislation Process

Please note: The EALS link is accessible only from within the State network.
If you are trying to access the link from a State entity that is outside of the network, please contact ITS.

Questions? - Please contact Colby Cameron, Regulatory Analyst

The process and resources for developing legislation can be found in the Executive Agency Legislation Process Manual. This manual will assist you in the mechanics of drafting legislation and the process undertaken to review each proposal to ensure conformity with the Governor's priorities and initiatives. All executive branch agencies must submit legislation through this process.

The Executive Agency Legislation System (EALS) may be accessed at There is also an Executive Agency Legislative System User Manual that details how to use the online application.

Please adhere to the following deadlines:

  • June 17, 2021 - Last day to meet with Governor's Office Contact and DFM Analyst on Idea.
  • June 24, 2021 - Last day to submit Legislative Ideas.
  • August 12, 2021 - Last day to submit Proposed Legislation (if Idea is approved.)
  • December 10, 2021 - Last day to submit Legislative Sponsor (if Proposed Legislation approved.)

If you have questions about the system, please contact Colby Cameron at or 854-3052.

All other questions should be directed to your special assistant in the Governor’s Office or your DFM analyst.