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  • Matthew Warnick, Financial Budget Analyst, Sr.
  • Strategic Plan and Performance
    Measurement Report Guide

Strategic Plans and Performance Reports

Current Year Strategic Plans

Current Year Performance Reports

Performance Report Templates

Director Attestation Letter

Strategic Plan/Performance Report Training Materials

Strategic Plan - Due July 1

Vision or Mission Statement: Provide a comprehensive outcome-based statement covering major division and core functions of the agency.

Goals for major divisions: A goal is a planning element that describes the broad condition or outcome that an agency or program is trying to achieve.

Objective: The objective is a planning element that describes how the agency plans to achieve a goal.

Performance Measures: Performance measures assess the progress the agency is making in achieving a goal (quantifiable indicator).

Benchmarks: Benchmarks are performance targets for each performance measure for at a minimum the next fiscal year (and an explanation of how the benchmark level was established which can mean an industry standard or agency research of circumstances that impact performance capabilities).

External Factors: Identify external factors that are beyond the control of the agency that affect the achievement of goals.

Note: Strategic plans should cover a minimum of four years forward and shall be updated annually.

Performance Measurement Report - Due Sept. 1

(Separate from the budget submittal)

Part I - Agency Profile  (This is information for the prior four fiscal years.)

Agency Overview: This section is used to describe the agency and the services it provides to the citizens of Idaho including the agency’s governance and organizational structure, director name; key divisions, management positions, etc. Also includes facts about the number of employees, number and location of offices, and a brief history of the agency or other items of interest. May also explain factors that hamper the agency’s ability to be successful or that may give rise to an increase in demand for services.

Core Functions/Idaho Code: This section describes the primary functions of the agency and the statutory authority that requires such services to be delivered.

Performance Measurement Report (continued)

Revenue and Expenditures: DFM provides information for the past three years and the agency is asked to fill in the current fiscal year information.

Profile of Cases Managed and/or Key Services Provided: Data is required for the prior four fiscal years including the most recently completed fiscal year. Each agency will determine the number of measures and type of measures to use. This section is designed to give the agency maximum flexibility in reporting on caseloads, services, or products provided to constituencies.

Performance Highlights: This section is not required as part of the agency profile but can be used to bring attention to performance issues that are not readily understood by looking at a table of information. The highlights section can also be used to explain dramatic increases or decreases in caseloads or services provided. In addition, the highlights can be used to bring attention to an area of significant accomplishment, such as reducing dependence on a specific service.

Contact Information: List agency contact information.

Part II - Performance Measures and Benchmarks

Performance Measures: Performance measures assess the progress the agency is making in achieving a goal (quantifiable indicator). These should be the same measures as stated in the strategic plan. Agencies should choose 10 or fewer measures to highlight in table format and show the current fiscal year and four years of actual results (if actual results are not available because it is a new measure, that should be stated).

Benchmark: Benchmarks are performance targets for each performance measure also as included in the strategic plan.

Explanatory Note: Any other qualitative information.

Agency Director Attestation: Attestation for the agency director that the data reported has been internally assessed for accuracy and is deemed to be accurate. While the rest of the Performance Measurement Report must be submitted electronically, this form will have to be mailed to DFM with the director’s signature.