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About the Budget Bureau

The Budget Bureau has primary responsibility for developing the expenditure side of the Executive Budget. The Budget Bureau also performs a variety of fiscal control functions in the operational management of state government.

Lori Wolff


Christopher Davis

Budget Bureau Chief
  • Information Technology Services, Office of
  • Strategic Plans and Performance Reports 
  • Statewide Reports and Publications
  • Luma Budget Steering Committee

David Hahn

Financial Management Analyst, Principal



Constitutional Officers and Economic Development

  • Administration, Department of
    • Bond Payments
    • Capital Budget
    • Capital Commission
  • Commerce, Department of
  • Controller, Office of the
  • Financial Management, Division of
  • Governor, Office of the
  • Human Resources, Division of
  • Labor, Department of
  • Legislative Branch
  • Lieutenant Governor, Office of the
  • Secretary of State, Office of the
  • Transportation, Department of
  • Treasurer, Office of the
  • Workforce Development Council
  • Budget Bureau Chief Support
  • Luma Budget Steering Committee

Adam Jarvis

Financial Management Analyst, Principal

Public Safety

  • Administrative Hearings, Office of
  • Attorney General, Office of the
  • Brand Board
  • Correction, Department of
  • Correctional Industries
  • Idaho State Police
  • Judicial Branch
  • Juvenile Corrections, Department of
  • Military Division
  • Pardons and Parole, Commission of
  • Public Defense Commission
  • Racing Commission
  • State Appellate Public Defender’s Office
  • Veterans Services, Division of
  • Budget Bureau Chief Support

Hannah Caudill 

Financial Management Analyst, Sr

Health and Human Services

  • Aging Commission
  • Finance, Department of
  • Health and Welfare, Department of
    • Domestic Violence Council
    • Council on Developmental Disabilities
  • Insurance, Department of
  • Millennium Fund
  • Public Employees Retirement System (PERSI)
  • Public Health Districts
  • State Independent Living Council

Hannah Caudill – Temporary Assignment

Financial Management Analyst, Sr

Economic Development & General Government

  • Blind and Visually Impaired Commission
  • Industrial Commission
  • Liquor Division
  • Lottery Commission
  • Occupational and Professional Licenses, Division of (DOPL)
  • Tax Appeals Board
  • Tax Commission

Lisa Herriot

Financial Management Analyst, Sr

Natural Resources

  • Agriculture, Department of
  • Environmental Quality, Department of
  • Endowment Fund Investment Board
  • Energy and Mineral Resources, Office of
  • Fish and Game, Department of
  • Lands, Department of
  • Lava Hot Springs Foundation
  • Parks and Recreation, Department of
  • Species Conservation, Office of
  • Soil and Water Conservation Commission
  • Water Resources, Department of
  • Wolf Depredation Control Board
  • Health and Social Services Ombudsman, Office of

Theresa Arnold

Financial Management Analyst, Sr

Higher Education & General Government

  • Agricultural Research and Extension
  • Arts Commission
  • Career & Technical Education, Division of
  • Colleges and Universities
    • Boise State University
    • Idaho State University
    • Lewis-Clark State College
    • University of Idaho
  • Community Colleges
    • College of Eastern Idaho
    • College of Southern of Idaho
    • College of Western Idaho
    • North Idaho College
  • Education Health Programs
  • Education Special Programs
  • Hispanic Affairs Commission
  • Historical Society
  • Public Television
  • Public Utilities Commission
  • State Board of Education, Office of the
  • Vocational Rehabilitation, Division of
    • Council for the Deaf and Hard Hearing

David Hahn-Temporary Assignment

Financial Management Analyst, Principal

Education & Reporting

  • Drug Policy, Office of
  • Education, Department of
  • Libraries, Idaho Commission for
  • Public Schools (K-12)
    • School for the Deaf and Blind
  • Public Charter School Commission
  • STEM Action Center
  • Strategic Plans and Performance Reports
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