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About the Budget Bureau

The Budget Bureau has primary responsibility for developing the expenditure side of the Executive Budget. The Budget Bureau also performs a variety of fiscal control functions in the operational management of state government.

Alex J. Adams


Amber Christofferson

Budget Bureau Chief




Statewide Reports and Publications
Luma Budget Steering Committee

David Hahn

Financial Management Analyst, Principal




Constitutional Officers and Economic Development

  • Administration, Department of
    • Bond Payments
    • Capital Budget
    • Capital Commission
  • Commerce, Department of
  • Controller, Office of the
  • Financial Management, Division of
  • Governor, Office of the
  • Human Resources, Division of
  • Labor, Department of
  • Legislative Branch
  • Lieutenant Governor, Office of the
  • Secretary of State, Office of the
  • Tax Appeals, Board of
  • Tax Commission, Idaho State
  • Transportation, Department of
  • Treasurer, Office of the
  • Workforce Development Council
  • Budget Bureau Chief Support
  • Luma Budget Steering Committee

Adam Jarvis

Financial Management Analyst, Sr



Public Safety

  • Attorney General, Office of the
  • Brand Board
  • Correction, Department of
  • Idaho State Police
  • Judicial Branch
  • Juvenile Corrections, Department of
  • Military Division
  • Pardons and Parole, Commission of
  • Public Defense Commission
  • Racing Commission
  • State Appellate Public Defender’s Office

Misty Lawrence

Financial Management Analyst, Sr



Public Schools & Regulatory/Licensure

  • Education, Department of
  • Environmental Quality, Department of
  • Occupational and Professional Licenses, Division of (DOPL)
  • Public Schools (K-12)
    • School for the Deaf and Blind
  • State Board of Education, Office of the

Krissy Veseth

Financial Management Analyst Sr

Health and Human Services

  • Aging Commission
  • Blind and Visually Impaired Commission
  • Drug Policy, Office of
  • Health and Welfare, Department of
  • Millennium Fund
  • State Independent Living Council
  • Veterans Services, Division of
  • Vocational Rehabilitation, Division of

Amanda Harper

Financial Management Analyst, Sr

Natural Resources

  • Agriculture, Department of
  • Endowment Fund Investment Board
  • Energy and Mineral Resources, Office of
  • Fish and Game, Department of
  • Information Technology Services, Office of
  • Lands, Department of
  • Lava Hot Springs Foundation
  • Parks and Recreation, Department of
  • Public Utilities Commission
  • Species Conservation, Office of
  • Soil and Water Conservation Commission
  • Water Resources, Department of
  • Wolf Depredation Control Board

Lisa Herriot

Financial Management Analyst, Sr

Education & General Government

  • Career & Technical Education, Division of
  • Community Colleges
  • Finance, Department of
  • Historical Society
  • Libraries, Idaho Commission for
  • Liquor Division
  • Lottery Commission
  • Public Charter School Commission
  • Public Employees Retirement System (PERSI)
  • Public Television
  • STEM Action Center


Financial Management Analyst

Education & General Government

  • Arts Commission
  • Agricultural Research and Extension
  • Colleges and Universities
    • Boise State University
    • Idaho State University
    • Lewis-Clark State College
    • University of Idaho
  • Education Health Programs
  • Education Special Programs
  • Hispanic Affairs Commission
  • Industrial Commission
  • Insurance, Department of
  • Strategic Plans and Performance Reports
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