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All of DFM’s forms have been automated and can be accessed at This includes Proposed/Temporary Administrative Rules, Grant Approvals, and Non-Cognizable Forms.

For instructions (including how to request a user id and password), please read the Forms Application Manual.

Proposed/Temporary Administrative Rules Form

The Governor will continue to preview all agency rules prior to the agency beginning the promulgation process. This step is considered a conceptual review of the proposal and does not invoke the Governor’s authority via temporary rule established by 67-5226, Idaho Code. Temporary rules must be specifically approved and promulgation of the rule in the standard rulemaking procedure is required. Proposals for administrative rules will be submitted via the on-line Forms Application. DFM will coordinate further review with the Governor’s Office. After approval, agencies enter the rule promulgation process through the Department of Administration.

Grant Approval Form

Agencies applying for grants, contracts or projects must have prior approval by DFM. The DFM prior approval requirement does not apply to individuals in higher education applying for research grants. Fill out the approval form via the on-line Forms Application to state the purpose of the project, funding source, impact on the agency and pertinent other factors.

Each agency must submit a letter signed by the agency director outlining an exit strategy in the event the grant expires.

Non-Cognizable Request Form

Idaho Code 67-3516(2) states that “funds available to any agency from sources other than state funds, if not cognizable at the time when appropriations were made whether state fiscal liability is increased or not, must have prior approval of the administrator of the division of financial management and the board of examiners in order that the funds may be expended, except those funds received under such conditions that preclude approval by the administrator of the division and/or board of examiners.”

While code requires prior approval by the Administrator of DFM and the Board of Examiners before the funds can be expended, in practice, the DFM Administrator has functioned as the sole “decider.” A number of years ago, the Board of Examiners delegated that function to DFM.

Prior to submission of the non-cognizable request form, please consider the following:

  • To be non-cognizable, funds must not be state funds and there cannot have been knowledge of the availability of the funds at the time of the legislative appropriation process. Please provide complete, substantive responses and submit the form via the on-line Forms Application. By submitting this form online you are verifying it complies with Idaho Code 67-3516(2).
  • Request forms should be submitted within 30 days of an award notice.  You will be notified of the approval or denial of the request.  If approved, you may enter the non-cognizable batch into STARS for DFM’s review and release.
  • Reflect approved non-cognizable funding in your budget submission and any revisions as a current one-time expenditure adjustment in DU 6.31 and a line item if spending authority is needed in the following year.  Non-cognizable adjustments that occur after sine die but before the start of the new fiscal year should be reflected in DU 1.12.
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